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The reason my clients choose me as their trusted source for jewelry purchases, liquidation, appraisal, and repair is based on me being a G.G., international gem dealer, and accomplished jeweler who loves sharing his passion and love of what nature can create, and bring happiness to others.

Through the numerous adventures into gem producing areas of the world, as well as attending national and international gem and jewelry venues, I've set myself apart from most jewelers and gained the reputation of owning or being able to find that one of a kind colored gem or diamond, white or natural fancy color. Meanwhile, other jewelers may not know where to look or do not have the reputation or trust of rare gem dealers.

My inventory of diamonds, or any I represent, are all certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS), since they are the most stringent grading diamond laboratories here in the USA, and recognized internationally.

I am now working with my 3rd generation of clients, who come to me for that special one of a kind engagement ring. I would be honored to be your jeweler in Santa Fe.

Most of the jewelry that is stamped “deBella” is 18 karat gold in various colors, and platinum.


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